Zenki-Do Institute of Internal Martial Arts

A Brief History

Zenki-Do Institute of Internal Martial Arts began in the mid-70s as Shotokai Association of Maritimes. When I Sensei Yula moved to Ontario in the late 1980s I adopted a new name, Centre for the Ways & Natural Healing Arts. In recent years after I met my spiritual friend Becca Mukti our practice together evolved into deeper level of Internal Martial Arts and Healiing Arts. 

After years of practicing and treaching our method of Sadhana to our beloved students and clinical clients we became convinced that our Zenki-Do System of internal Martial Arts works well for us as well as for others therefore we changed the name of our Sadhana (Spiritual practices) to Zenki-Do System of Internal Martial Art and the name of our centre Zenki-Do Institute of Internal Martial arts and Healig Art. 

Zenki-Do refers to human inner potentials while Internal Martial Arts indicates the way to bring those potentials out into reality. 

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About Sensei Yula 



I am Sensei Yula

B.A, D.TCM, a long time teacher and practitioner of oriental healing arts, yoga, and oriental martial arts. 

Compassion is my mantra; Love, peace, and forgiveness to include all and exclude none is my ultimate message to the world.

I have been practicing mindful living and healhy lifestyle since I was a child. Despite having university education in economics and political science I have choosen a more holistic way of life for both living and livelihood.

For the last 40 plus years I have been dedicated to advancing my knowledge and skills in both the practical and philosophical aspects of oriental medicine, yoga, and oriental martial arts. 

With 36 years of clinical experience practicing oriental medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, shiatsu, and therapeutic chi kung, and many decades of teaching chi kung, zen shiatsu, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, and Karate-Do, I was led to create my own systems of internal martial arts and healing art. I have named the former Zenki-Do System of Internal Martial Arts and the latter Zen Kiatsu-Tao TCM. Both have become a part of my way of life. 

I have also co-authored with my beloved Spiritual friend Becca Mukti, two books, The Eight Pillars of the Heaven (Volume One and Volume Two) and Chi Kung-Yoga Energetics, without her none of these books could have been written leave alone published. There are three more books in the works that Becca and I initiated together before her departure that I am continuing to work on, Zenki-Do: The Art of True Warriorship, Zen Kiatsu-Tao TCM, and The Art of Healthy Living.

In my spare time, alone and sometimes in public, I enjoy writing and singing poetry and songs.

Thank you for reading and be well.



Published on  October 28th, 2019