The Eight Pillars of the Heaven
Hardcopy sold in two volumes.

The Eight Pillars of the Heaven (Volume One) The Eight Pillars of the Heaven (Volume Two)


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Chikung- Yogaenergetics

The Chikung - Yogaenergetics system is the effective combination of two of the most commonly practiced Eastern disciplines: yoga and chi kung

As a practical guide for healthy living, this manual contains illustrated forms and techniques, breathing exercises as well as walking and sitting meditations which suit everyone. In addition, it explains and illustrates the body’s physio- and psycho-energetics meridians and muscle system to help practitioners understand the correct way of practicing based on the movement of energy in the body.

This system is enjoyable for people of all ages, modifiable for people of varying abilities, and compatible with all schools of yoga and martial arts as well as most sports and activities.

The Art of Health Living

This system is based on the three principles of Right Understanding, Right Practice and Right Consumption. which includes the Oriental dietotherapy based on the thermalnature of commonly used foods. Its mandate is to establish physical and mental health and vitality in a way that is realistic and beneficial for citizens of today’s world. to consume foods based on their energy in consideration of individual constitution, season and climate.



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Published on  April 28th, 2018