The Eight Pillars of the Heaven

Volumes One and Two in hardcover.

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Pillar One:  Reality and the Truth

  • Describes how taking the reality as the truth causes constant suffering
  • Provides a philosophical tour of some of the familiar Eastern philosophies, namely Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga, Samkhya, Vedanta and Sufism, from a non-religious point of view

Pillar Two:  The Path of Transformation

  • Explains the nature of the mind and the quality of thoughts and their effect on mental and physical health
  • Indicates how thoughts affect emotions and, consequently, the function of the internal organs
  • Goes further to explain how thoughts influence actions and behaviour

Pillar Three:  Body Physio-Energetics

  • Depicts the human body from an Oriental medicine perspective
  • Details the functional activities of the internal and extra organs as well as the meridian network and muscle system
  • Highlights the significance of adopting the right diet and adhering to the right exercise in order to develop and maintain health

Pillar Four:  Environmental Righteousness

  • Blows the warning whistle on the danger of overusing (misusing) modern technology
  • Explains how this behaviour has negative effects on the planet, in general, and on human mental and physical health, in particular
  • Case studies demonstrate the surprising extent to which much modern technology is a contributing factor to gynaecological disorders for women, sexual disorders for men, and reproductive disorders for both genders

Pillar Five:  Tao Eating, Zen Digesting

  • Focuses on the nutritional values of foods, their energy, indications, contraindications as well as their therapeutic applications for the prevention and cure of various disorders
  • Covers most of the commonly used of foods alphabetically, providing easy access for future reference
  • Includes some healthy and easy to prepare recipes for delicious and nutritious meals

Pillar Six:  Yoga Energetics as an Alternative Medicine

  • Shares some healthy Chi Kung-Yoga Energetics forms and techniques that are easy to follow and practice as a daily routine in the convenience of your home
  • Provides the medicinal benefits of the exercises which include the prevention and cure of various disorders

Pillar Seven:  The Tao of Intimacy & The Ultimate Gynaecological Reality

  • Details the nature, cause and solution to most gynaecological disorders for women and sexual disorders for men

Pillar Eight:  Enlightenment

  • States that enlightenment is the absence of ignorance and it is only the beginning and not the end
  • Elaborates on seven obstacles to enlightenment: taking the reality as the truth, taking information as true knowledge, a lack of inner peace, delusion, separation, inherited ignorance and religious biases
  • After showing how to overcome these obstacles, it concludes by saying that once removed, there is no need for enlightenment because you already are


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Published on  August 2nd, 2020