Personal training for all the following progarms is also available 

Chi Kung - Yoga Energetics as an alternative medicine.

This program combines the core of the two most popular therapeutic desciplines including Taoist Yoga and Patanjali Yoga. This amalgamation fortifies the effect of promoting good mental and physical healty, beauty and spiritual growth. 

Tai Chi - Chi Kung  

In addition to the forms and techniques of classical Tai Chi, the practice of Tai Chi-Chi Kung also includes forms and technique from Chikung and Yoga. 


Zenki-Do: The Art of True Warriorship 

As a resurrection of the ancient Shaolin system of martial art, Zenki - Do promotes Good mental and physical Health , Courage, Compassion, and Wisdom. 

How it developed? 

After studying and diligently practicing different forms of yoga including Taoist yoga and Patanjaly yoga (commonly known as Eight-fold yoga) and martial arts including Karate-Do, Taekwando, Taichi chuan and Chi Kung. I came to a conclusion that none of these arts by itself was complete, fully effective or fully productive. Meanly because despite their historic connections to various philosophies they have been separated from them due to ignorance of their advocates or by the reality of time and space or both. It is unfortunate that in recent years not only the natural nutritional values of our foods, purity our wate and  air have been compromised for convenience and higher profits but also the fundamental values of living arts including music, yoga and martial arts have sacroficed meanly for the same ground. Based on this observation I have dedicated nearly three decades of my life to develop this comprehensive system of martial art to revitalize most if not all of the lost virtues of martial arts. 

The process:

With understanding that in order to bring positive changes to any system we need to start from the Root Cause. Accordingly I spent lots of time studying the philosophical roots of these arts. From China I chosen the Taoism, from India I picked 4 out of 7 most ancient philosophies including Vedenta, Samkhya, Buddhism and Yoga. From Central Asia I settleld with Sufism. After completion of my philosophical reaserch I started harmonizing my practices with their root causes meaning the philosophies a new system was created. After mastering the new system I started to intruduce it to my student and named it Zenki-Do the spirit of martial art.  

The Art of Healthy Living Workshop

This workshop focuses on three principles of Right understanding (pilosophy),  Right practice and Right diet in both theoretical and practical fashion.
The participants will learn about the functions of their body systems from Oriental medicine point of view,  identify the foods that are most suitable for their body system  and establish an enjoyable health-promoting routine to practice in the comfort of their own home. This program also includes self kiatsu massage.


This is a workshop that nobody should miss.

This workshop also being offered on a weekend in different locations all through Canada and United States. To find out more on the weekend locations, revisit workshops. 

Please email or call (519) 878-2661.

Published on  May 17th, 2018