All of our services aim to balance the internal energy, body and mind.



Zen Kiatsu-Tao TCM (Healing Chikung) for Health and Beauty 

Zen Kiatsu Tao-TCM is a healing chickung based on the same principles as Chinese acupuncture and Japanese Shiatsu but uses the out going healing Chi (Ki)  through  hands, thumbs and fingertips  as appropriate to balance the intrinsice lifeforce of the receiver. I have found it to be just as effective if not more as acupuncture and shiatsu for most conditions and especially suited to kids, seniors and those who have an aversion to needles.

Diagnostic Consultation

In this unique method I use the 5 diagnostic principles of ancient oriental healing arts to determine the cause and location of health disorders and consequently find and suggest the right solution for them.  You can also  talk  to me and ask any question you may have about any physical, mental or emotional health related issues. 


By email:

Or Lisa Hoking at The Hive 226 - 777 - 1001

Published on  April 18th, 2017