The Art of Healthy Living, Self Healing Chi Kong 



 This Art, if learned thoroughly and practised regularly it has the ability to heal and repair the worn out tissues, strenghten the muscle and tendon systems, improve overall physical, mental health and natural beauty. It works as acupuncture without needles. face lift without surgery, beautifire without cosmetics, or any other painful/expensive procedures. It is easy to learn, joyful to practice and it can be incorporated into any other undertaken disciplines including, yoga, martial arts and healing arts.

The Art of Healthy Living workshop focuses on the 4 practical elements of Right understanding, Right consumption, Right Sadhana (daily rotain exercise) and the Right Intimacy. 


The right understanding

Due to the lies we were told, the stories we have heared and the legends that we made to belieive in our undersanding of our owne true nature is all screwed up. The right understanding of our ownd reality inside out is more  crucial now than ever before. 


The Tao of Intimacy 


This workshop is dedicated to the most important and interrelated yet least spoken subjects that cause physical and emotional suffering for both genders. These two subjects include the Ultimate gynaecological disorders for woman and sexual disorders for man.These two subjects are being discussed together in this workshop Because the correct pratice of the Tao of Intimacy or lack of it is often a contributing factore to both gynaecological and andrological problems for both man and woman. Even though the two disorders have direct effect on one of the two genders but the indirect effect of the the two disorders on the other gender is inevitabiel. It means that the right practice along with the right understanding of the Tao of Intiamcacy can be a healthy part of the solution 

For those who are not suffering or not aware of suffering from any of the obove disorders the regular practice of the Tao of Intimacy can not only prevent such disorders but it also strengthens the interinsic energy of the practioners and oppens the hidden inner potentials for better mental and physical health and spiritual growth. 

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Published on  January 2nd, 2021